online face type analysis

You can take a Japanese face type analysis online, anywhere in the world!

A tool to find out your matching fashion taste that make good impression.

Certified face type advisors from the Japan Face Type Analysis Association diagnose face types based on the shape of the face and the ratio of its parts, etc. By classifying them into eight types, you will be able to identify trends in fashion that suit you.

This service is now very popular in fashion-conscious Japan!Frequently featured on TV and in magazines.



Why is face type Analysis so popular?

This is because appearance is an important factor in determining a person’s impression, and the face is the most important of all.

Wearing clothes that match your external image will give you a solid look.

What you know.

Analysis your facial features

Know your jewelry style

Know your clothing style and print

Know your bag style

Know your hairstyle

How to buy

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⇒You will receive an email from the salon.

⇒Send necessary data to the salon.

⇒Advisor will analyze your face photo and make a diagnosis Send the results of the diagnosis.

⇒Client feedback.

▼Some of the actual data you will receive.

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